Homeownership Greatest Predictor of Wealth

According to the Survey of Consumer Finance, homeownership is the primary driver of wealth in the U.S.

A recent Seattle Times article reported that the median net worth for Seattle homeowners is about 25 times higher than those who rent.

How Homeownership Creates Wealth 

A home appreciates.

Since 2000, homes in the Seattle area have appreciated at an average annual rate of 5.6 percent. The real estate market, like the stock market, ebbs and flows as values go up and down over time. While real estate prices here dropped during the housing crisis, they have far exceeded average appreciation for the past few years. The same cannot be said for the stock of many companies that imploded when the dot-com bubble burst.    

As an investment, a home benefits from leveraging.

Equity in a home appreciates based on the entire value of the home. This includes the money you’ve paid as well as the money you’ve borrowed. For instance, rather than earning appreciation on the $70,000 down payment you made, you build equity on the full $700,000 value of the house even though the bank financed most of it.  

Ready to buy a home? 

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