Neighbor In The Know

Neighbor In The Know Special from the Windermere Boat

Whether you recently moved to Seattle or you’ve been here through the rise and fall of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, there’s always something new to be discovered. There’s so much to see, do, and especially to eat in every community so take a tour with Team Evening on the Windermere Boat as they visit 5 must-see neighborhoods to find the best local spots that only a neighbor would know!

The best place to see the sunset in Kirkland

Kirkland isn’t just Costco’s brand name- it’s got imaginative coffee shops, a charming downtown and incredible sunsets. Join Windermere Real Estate agent, Sheri Putzke, and King 5 Evening and explore this picturesque neighborhood.

These West Seattle spots are worth a drive over the bridge

West Seattle has lots of amazing sights and sounds to experience- so get over your fear of the bridge and come on over! Explore this charming Seattle area with Windermere Real Estate agent, Larry Johnson, and King 5 Evening.

Mercer Island is a slice of island life close to the big city of Seattle

Mercer Island tends to slip under the radar- but don’t sleep on this quiet, friendly island! Join Windermere Real Estate agent, Charlie Sirianni, and King 5 Evening and explore this secret, sleepy oasis between two packed cities.

Exploring the tiny town of Beaux Arts

With a private beach, towering trees and rich history, this tiny town has big personality. Explore this hidden Eastside oasis with Windermere Real Estate agent, Randy Ginn, and King 5 Evening.

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